How to Deal With the Fact That Your Crush Has a Boyfriend?

Answer So. You have a crush on this girl. She's so amazing, right? But the only bad thing - she has a boyfriend. What do you do?

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How to Deal With Having a Crush on Your Best Friend's Boyfriend?

Oh my goodness! You have a crush on your best friend's boyfriend. This is definitely difficult, but it's also not the end of the world.

How to Get over the Fact That Your Boyfriend Has Moved On?

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How to Know if Your Crush Wants to Be Your Boyfriend?

So you've been crushing on this guy for 5 years or maybe 5 weeks. Here's how to tell if your boy is into you.

What should you do if your boyfriend's son has a crush on you?

Answer Unless he's already an adult, it's probably pretty normal for a boy to have a crush on a significant woman in his life (such as a teacher, aunt, babysitter, stepmother, etc.) and it should p... Read More »