How to Deal With the Effect of Classroom Size on Literacy Instruction?

Answer Class size plays a major part in all aspects of learning, but it is felt profoundly in regards to literacy instruction. Each student learns at his own pace, and when it comes to reading, it is vita... Read More »

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How do i use technology with classroom instruction that works?

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How to Deal With Classroom Distractions?

The classroom can be a very busy place with lots of distractions. How can you remain focused in the classroom? The truth is, you can't. The average student has between 15-20 minutes of attention sp... Read More »

How to Deal With Autistic Children in the Classroom?

Autistic students can benefit from placement in an educational environment that is as least restrictive as possible. Often this means autistic students are mainstreamed in the general education cla... Read More »

Ways to Deal With Conflict in the Classroom?

Classrooms are places where many people of varying faiths, beliefs and values must come together in the spirit of learning something new. Because of the variety of students you will have in your cl... Read More »