How to Deal With an Overheated Engine?

Answer If you are driving and your car engine overheats, there are several steps you can take to deal with the problem.

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How to Cool an Overheated Engine?

Engine overheating is a symptom of another problem--usually low coolant level caused by a leak, a thermostat that's stuck closed, an inoperative cooling fan or a clogged radiator. The most importan... Read More »

How to Remedy an Overheated Engine?

Engines need to be kept cool by a cooling system, otherwise they overheat and can seriously damage your engine. If there is a fault in your cooling system, or during severe operating conditions, yo... Read More »

How to Troubleshoot an Overheated Engine in a Chevy 350?

First introduced in 1968, the Chevrolet 350 uses water stored in a single radiator to cool the engine. As the water circulates from the engine to the radiator, the water is cooled by air passing th... Read More »

My 1994 Toyota Camry Engine Overheated & Won't Start?

In almost all cases when a 1994 Toyota Camry overheats and fails to start after cooling down, the problem is a blown head gasket. The Camry has an aluminum head -- the part that contains the valve ... Read More »