How to Deal With an Ex Bestfriend?

Answer So, you have had a fight with your best friend, and it's beyond all repair. There is nothing you can do, and all you want is for them to stop harassing you. This article will guide you on how to ha... Read More »

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How to Date Your Ex's Bestfriend?

Still can't get over the one you lost but also like his best friend? Well here's how to date him without anyone being mad....Most of the time

Stopped my BestFriend?

It sounds like there is some confusion about what type of relationship you have with this guy. You've got to he your "best friend" or your "boyfriend?" If he's not even willing to ask y... Read More »

I just found out my bestfriend has cancer?

Sometimes friends joke around... But if she does have cancer, just be the best friend you could ever be to her and don't abandon her. Treat her normally and in cases where she is sad or depressed j... Read More »

Should I have sex with my bestfriend Derick I am 18 I just don't know if I can because my bff likes him.?

no. if your best friend likes him then that would be wrong. plus if you and him are best friends then things would be awkward afterwards.