How to Deal With an Error on Your Car Insurance Forms or Policy?

Answer Once you receive a copy of your automobile insurance, the first thing that you want to do is review the policy. Make sure that your contact information and coverage are listed as discussed with you... Read More »

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Who's responsible for an error on insurance forms?

This is a strange situation, because almost all automobile insurance policies carry a grace period of at least 15 days (usually it's thirty) for adding a new vehicle. And, in your case, it's a rep... Read More »

If you are getting health insurance very soon from your job are you allowed to put your mother on your policy with you if she does not have insurance?

Answer No. Most plans don't offer provisions for putting a parent on their insurance.

I have an indiviual policy with an insurance company I can purchase a group policy through my employer Its with the same insurance company Can I use both policies?

Answer Two different policies (different policy ID numbers) should mean you should not have to pay anything out of pocket. The primary will pick up 80% (in most cases), and the secondary should pic... Read More »

If your daughter who is going to be staying with you for several months will be driving your car do you have to add her to your insurance policy?

%DETAILS% Answer This would definitely be a good question for your carrier and/or agent. Since it's such a short time, and you basically know when she'll be moving out, you probably don't need to.... Read More »