How to Deal With a Weird Break Up?

Answer How to deal with a ex boyfriendHow to deal with a weird break-up between you and a boy/girl friend. It can be pretty weird at first but come on whose isn't? I have some things that may help though.

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How to Deal With a Guy if Something Weird Happened Between You?

Same old story; guy and girl meet, girl falls much, much harder than guy. Say, over the summer you had an AIM chat where you just blurted out you love him. Or you two are always on and off. Maybe h... Read More »

How to Deal With a Break Up?

Breakups are hard to deal with. You could have really cared about the person who broke up with you. They might not have even told you the reason they broke up with you!

How to Deal With a Friend Break Up?

Lost your best friend? Wanting to forget about and get over it? Read on to find out how!

How to Deal With Mutual Friends Following a Break up With a Friend?

It often happens that people break up with their friends and best friends. If you are lucky, then all your friends will side with you, and no one will really like your ex-friend. On the other hand,... Read More »