How to Deal With a Tire Exploding While Driving?

Answer A tire blowing out at speed can be a dangerous and scary event, but a little education and the ability to remain calm will serve you well.

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What is the proper way to deal with tailgaters during a driving test?

" however on the DMV's website you tube video they say that it is an automatic failure if the driver does not notice the tailgater. "If that is true, then "notice them". Does the DMV website explai... Read More »

If your driving in your car and some idiot is practically riding your bumper, how should you deal with this?

Slow down and make more of a gap between yourself and the car in front.This way if anything happens in front and you have to emergency brake then you have more time to do so and reduce the likelyho... Read More »

The Exploding Watermelon Experiment?

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How can i freeze soda without it exploding?

use plastic bottle and release some gas, then freze