How to Deal With a Stray Dog?

Answer Dog homelessness is a problem that affects over 1 million dogs in the United States. Though cartoons and movies have glamorized the lifestyle of the independent dog, most of us know that the daily ... Read More »

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How to Make Friends With a Stray Cat?

This is a easy step by step way of taming a stray cat!

How to Breed a Housecat With a Stray?

Do you know a stray cat that would be a good father for a female pet cat of yours? If the answer is yes, move on.

Diseases to Worry About With a Stray Cat?

Many people attempt to adopt feral kittens or stray cats off the street, with the hope that if the animal is tamed, loved and cared for, it will eventually become a good house pet. However, these a... Read More »

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