How to Deal With a Police Polygraph Test?

Answer Many police departments give a polygraph test as part of their hiring process- refusal to take it will almost certainly bar you from getting the job. If you have something to hide, you'll need to k... Read More »

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Do you have to pass a polygraph test to become a police officer in Canada?

If you applying to become a police officer with the RCMP (Royal Canadian Mounted Police), you have to take a polygraph test. You do not have to take the test if you are applying for a provincial or... Read More »

What does the polygraph test check for?

A polygraph test is meant to determine whether or not a person is being truthful. Sometimes called a lie detector test, the polygraph measures changes respiration, heart rate and sweat gland activi... Read More »

Who invented the polygraph test?

The polygraph machine was developed in 1921 by psychiatrist Dr. John A. Larson. Larson's machine was the first to measure blood pressure, respiration and pulse. The same year, Dr. Leonard Keeler,... Read More »

What does a polygraph test measure?

Polygraph tests measure the body's physiological reactions to certain questions, according to the Skeptic's Dictionary. Theoretically, since people tend to get nervous when lying, you can tell if s... Read More »