How to Deal With a Parent Going Through an Expensive Medical Procedure?

Answer So, your dad is going through a medical procedure? Well, so is mine! Just read this and I hope it helps!

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What is the most expensive cost of a medical procedure, the surgury or the recovery time?

This nomenclature is happening in this country as well.I think that surgery is the most expensive phase of health care because you have the most highly paid professionals (surgeon, assistants, anae... Read More »

Can a doctor or hospital bill you for an expensive medical procedure that they never confirmed with your insurance company?

Answer yes they can as long as you siged the paper that states that it is ok to treat you Answer Yes. Whether you can get out of paying because they didn't check with your insurance and inform you... Read More »

Is there a certain time frame that the custodial parent should get medical bills or insurance EOBS to the noncustodial parent who is responsible for medical bills not covered by insurance?

Answer You contact your local Domestic Relations Office for the information. They should have a policy on it. In the state of PA the custodial parent must provide the documents within 6 months or... Read More »

Is it required by law to bill a patients medical insurance for all procedures performed regardless of the medical facilities knowledge of whether or not it a covered procedure by the insurance?

Not that I know of. If the provider isn't billing - then just send the bill in yourself along with a claim form. When you realize that insurance companies hire inexperienced workers and also that ... Read More »