How to Deal With a Neighbor's Barking Dog?

Answer Bark, bark, bark, bark...You are trying to sleep, or maybe just relax with your significant other, but you can't because your neighbor's dog is barking incessantly!What can you do?

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How to Approach My Neighbors About Their Barking Dog?

Dogs bark when they're happy, sad, scared or angry. Dog owners find great joy in their canine companions' vocalizations, knowing that Fluffy or Fido is communicating with them. Dogs that bark all n... Read More »

How to Deal With a Barking Dog?

How are you guys doing? ok, now i had to deal with a barking dog last time and it was so scary! I was running up and down until i finally new had to deal with it. So read this to find out how.

How to Deal With Excessive Dog Barking?

Dogs use barking as a way to express themselves and their needs. According to Sherry Woodard of the Best Friends Animal Society, dogs bark for a variety of different reasons including when they're ... Read More »

How to Deal With Barking Dogs?

If your dogs barks excessively, the problem may extend beyond the disruption or disturbance to you. You risk disturbing neighbors, who have the option of reporting you to the animal control authori... Read More »