How to Deal With a Loud Person at Work?

Answer Dealing with a loud person at work can be stressful and and tiring, especially if your job is inactive. Sometimes the best advice would be to simply go away, move elsewhere.. but when you are stuck... Read More »

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How to Deal With a Very Loud Person in a Restaurant?

If someone is being rude and loud, and you want to stick them with your fork to see if they're done, follow these steps to calm the chatter.

How to Deal With a Proud Person?

After losing his darlin' to his pride, country singer Hylo Brown croons: "Foolish pride, I'll never forgive you in this lifetime."[1] We have all come across that person who refuses to show weaknes... Read More »

How to Deal With an Angry Person?

simple tip to dealing with someone who is angry.

How to Deal With a Manipulative Person?

A manipulating person will get you to do almost anything they want, including giving them money, steal, hurt others - the list goes on. A manipulating person can take a real toll on your life. To l... Read More »