How to Deal With a Job Demotion?

Answer Receiving a demotion at work is a blow to your self-esteem. It also may result in a salary decrease, working in a position and with coworkers who are unfamiliar. Dealing with the demotion may be on... Read More »

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Employee Rights in Demotion?

A number of federal laws protect employees from unfair demotions. In general, a demotion must be justified on the basis of clearly identifiable performance reasons and employee error. Furthermore, ... Read More »

How to Negotiate Salary After Demotion?

Being demoted can create an awkward and uncomfortable situation for both you and your employer, especially if you plan to negotiate your new salary or hourly pay rate. Although you won't be doing t... Read More »

How to Write a Letter of Voluntary Demotion?

A letter of voluntary demotion is much like a letter of resignation in that you give up your position by your own choice. You may decide to accept a demotion to pursue goals outside of work such as... Read More »

California Labor Laws for Demotion in Pay?

The California Department of Industrial Relations oversees the state's wage and hour regulations. As an employment-at-will state, California allows employers to demote their employees by reducing t... Read More »