How to Deal With a Hysterical Stranger?

Answer It so happens that sometimes we get involved in situations where unknown people just start yelling to us, and when that happens the best thing to do is to try and get out of it fast and effectively.

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How to deal with stranger's comments?

I always tried to take such comments in the spirit that they were made. People certainly don't mean comments on your size as an insult -- and it's not an insult ... it's a testament to your amazin... Read More »

How to Deal With a Stranger's Aggressive Dog?

Encountering an aggressive dog can be very frightening. An ordinary walk or bike ride can turn dangerous, even deadly, if a dog turns on you. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimate... Read More »

Why is my sister hysterical about facebook joke?

Well you've pretty much done what needed to be done. Apoligizing. Yeah, most people don't forgive people straight away.Just give her some time to get over it.""Heres a bridge! Now get over it!""Her... Read More »

How to Handle a Hysterical Family Member?

To say the least, it's hard to deal with impossible people. If that person is a family member, it can be even harder.