How to Deal With a Homeless Person on a Subway?

Answer If you are visiting a city with a subway system it is important to know proper homeless subway etiquette to avoid awkward and uncomfortable situations.

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Yesterday at the subway station I saw a homeless dude trying to get on the same train as me...?

Awwww poor pitiful you . . . forced to share your personal exhalted space with someone less fortunate than yourself. You better hope you are never down on your luck and meet someone like you on the... Read More »

How to Have a Conversation With a Homeless Person?

In this economy, you might actually find yourself homeless one day. There are lots of people like that now, and you might feel it's polite to talk to them sometimes. This article will help people t... Read More »

How do they get the subway trains into the subway 10 points for a smile!?

The ones I normally take seem to have come via the sewer system

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