How to Deal With a Hard School Schedule?

Answer There are a lot of things that can bog a person down at school... and your schedule doesn't have to be one of them. When you learn to organize, prioritize, and get help whenever necessary, you can ... Read More »

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How to Calm Down Before Getting a School Schedule?

There you are in summer panicking, "My school schedule will come! Help! What if I have this teacher? What if my classes are too far away from each other?"

Are you looking forward to getting your school schedule?

Heck yes, I'm excited :) i decided I'm gonna nerd out this year and try to make an actual hundred in all my classes. i know that's not gonna happen xD but if i aim high, i'm sure it'll come out pre... Read More »

How to Balance Your High School Schedule?

This is the kind of unrealistic schedule that you don't want to have.It seems as if university is right around the corner, and the pressure never decreases: You have to take as many honors/AP cours... Read More »

How to Survive a Split School Schedule?

A split school schedule: 4 periods a day and lunch. The next day you have 4 different periods and lunch. The day after, you have the same 4 periods you had the first day. This will help you survive... Read More »