How to Deal With a Friend Who's Become an Enemy?

Answer Is a friend you don't like or even care about anymore ruining your day completely? Do they push past you? Give you dirty looks? Complain and insult you? Is it to the point that it's a form of bully... Read More »

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How to Deal With Losing a Friend to Your Enemy?

It's a cruel, cruel worldYou're in school one day, looking for your best friend.  Suddenly you see them with that one person you hate.  You shrug it off, thinking that they were just having a con... Read More »

How to Deal With Your Enemy (Girls)?

Here's how to make your enemy super jealous of you, no matter how rich or proud she is.

How to Deal With Your Arch Enemy (Girl)?

Is that meanie ostracizing you?These steps will work perfectly for you and your enemy will go down. And it is guaranteed she will be sorry one day!

How to Figure Out if Your Friend Has Become Your Enemy?

It's hard to tell if your friend is really your friend or your enemy. Sometimes, two people can grow up as best friends and then one day hate each other. After all, they do say 'Keep your friends c... Read More »