How to Deal With a Disagreement Over Your Teenage Daughter's Clothing Choices?

Answer As daughters become teenagers, they often choose a style of clothing that you object to. Her reasons for dressing this way may be due to peer pressure, a desire for rebellion or both. To find a sol... Read More »

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How to Hide Your Clothing Choices from Your Parents?

Remember bell-bottoms and satin jumpsuits? If not, you're probably dealing with parents who do, and trying to get past their radar in miniskirts and midriff tops is a tough job. Follow these tips a... Read More »

Are you Financially Responsible for my teenage daughters pregnancy?

As her parents you are responsible for her health care and everything else she needs pregnant or not. When the baby is born it's up to her and the father to support the child and you support her ju... Read More »

Why do people make a big deal out of being a teenage mom but not being a teenage dad?

You shouldn't of had sex in the first place, now you will have to deal with the baby, its your fault and your problem x Moms will think they are the best, Dads will think they are the best**Anyone ... Read More »

How to Deal With Your Brother's Disapproval of Your Romantic Choices?

Eh Sis! He's not good enough for you!If your brother thinks he knows best and jumps to conclusions before he's even met your new love, what to do? Here's how to tackle bro's over-protective approach.