How to Deal With a Disabled Angel Child?

Answer A lady on an airplane was dealing with the fact that her granddaughter was born with 6 major issues. She was not expected to live to be two years old. The lady sitting next to her on the plane told... Read More »

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Question for parents with a physically disabled/scarred child?

.The first thing that came to my mind when I read your question is that your child has something going for her that some kids don't have a Mother that loves her.There is no time limit on when you ... Read More »

How would you organise your provision to facilitate access for a disabled child or one with special needs?

How do you deal with ex-husband and step mother whom have custody who continue to emotionally abuse your child and make you as the mom look bad to the point that your child hates you?

In most cases, yes. The charge would be Child Endangerment.

How to Deal With a Defiant Child?

Defiance is very normal,healthy in fact,but too much can be an issue.