How to Deal With a Controlling Parent?

Answer A controlling parent can really bring you down, and it needs to be recognized. Here are some tips on how to deal with a controlling parent.

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How to Cope With a Controlling Parent?

Feel like a puppet sometimes?Being a young person should never mean that you are always under someone else's thumb, even if it is your parent. It's normal for young people to feel this way even wit... Read More »

How do you deal with controlling ex- inlaws?

divorce the son and to keep things the way u want them still have sex with him so his parents dont have all the power over the situation

How do you deal with your very controlling son-in-law's parents?

Tell them, perhaps kindly, perhaps not, to mind their own business?

How do you deal with your son-in-law's parents very controlling?

If your son-in-law's parents are very controlling, it is more your daughter's problem than it is yours. She will have to work out with her husband how they are a couple will deal with it, or it may... Read More »