How to Deal With a Confrontation?

Answer Say your walking down the road minding your own business when suddenly your approached by a load of people that you don't even know. It can be a difficult situation to get out of so here are a few ... Read More »

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How to Deal With Confrontation in the Workplace?

Confrontations and conflict in the workplace are common, especially because employees tend to spend 40 or more hours together each week. While problems can occur, these problems shouldn't impact pr... Read More »

What does confrontation mean?

A confrontation is the act of confronting, which is to stand face to face in an act of defiance or hostility. A confrontation can be one on one or can include a larger group, such as an army.Refere... Read More »

How to Handle a Confrontation With an Ex?

Handling a confrontation with an ex is hard and a special ex even harder, but after a couple tips you will be ready to talk with your ex without bailing out and or crying and yelling. After a perio... Read More »

How to Avoid a Confrontation?

Maybe there's been a misunderstanding, or perhaps someone's had a little too much to drink but a fight is brewing, and you don't want anything to do with it. What to do? Follow these easy steps, an... Read More »