How to Deal With a Condescending Friend?

Answer When you have a friend who thinks they have more authority than you, it may be difficult to deal with it and you may question the true strength of the relationship. This article can help you think ... Read More »

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How to Deal With a Friend Who Says You're Her Best Friend but Doesn't Act Like It?

Here are a few tips to deal with friends who say that you're their best friend but don't act like it.

How to Deal With a Mean Friend?

Maybe your friend is mean to people and knows it. But they're pretty, and popular and don't care at all. How do you deal with it?

How to Deal With a Friend That You Lost?

Truth is, that everyone loses friends. See, if you used to be really good friends, but then they turned popular, or mean on you, then really.. they weren't even your friend in the first place.

How to Deal With a Friend Who Has Betrayed You?

Friends are not always true friends. Sometimes they are, but all the same might betray you. You feel torn apart, but must take the right actions.