How to Deal With a Bum at Your Store?

Answer If you have ever worked at a retail store or any other kind of small business, you've probably had to deal with a bum or hobo or beggar scaring your customers away by asking for change. However, so... Read More »

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How to Deal With Being Lost in a Store (for Children)?

So, you are at a store, and you are only a couple feet away from your mother or father. You go in another small aisle to look at some toys or food, but then when you're done you can't find your par... Read More »

What to do if your in a serious relationship with a girl who is pregnant and you know it is not your baby how do you deal with that because it can be so confusing when love is involved?

i think this is probably the same person who i just answered a question for, but ill try my best. being forgiving is the most important thing. One thing that might help you, just close your eyes. T... Read More »

If your driving in your car and some idiot is practically riding your bumper, how should you deal with this?

Slow down and make more of a gap between yourself and the car in front.This way if anything happens in front and you have to emergency brake then you have more time to do so and reduce the likelyho... Read More »

How to Deal With Falling in Love with Your Best Friend (for Guys)?

If you're one of those guys who's begun having feelings for your female best friend(or just a female friend), these instructions might help. Dealing with it can be very tough, especially if you fin... Read More »