How to Deal With a Break Up?

Answer Breakups are hard to deal with. You could have really cared about the person who broke up with you. They might not have even told you the reason they broke up with you!

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How to Deal With a Friend Break Up?

Lost your best friend? Wanting to forget about and get over it? Read on to find out how!

How to Deal With a Weird Break Up?

How to deal with a ex boyfriendHow to deal with a weird break-up between you and a boy/girl friend. It can be pretty weird at first but come on whose isn't? I have some things that may help though.

Ladies: IS it really such a big deal when you break a fingernail!?

Yeah ! It effing hurts !!Imagine a girl biting some of the skin off ... if you know what I mean.

How to Deal With Break Ups and Turn Downs?

Ever liked that certain someone and thought, hoped, and prayed they liked you back? Ever asked or had your friends ask him to go out with you and been shot down and felt that you would never be hap... Read More »