How to Deal With a Brat?

Answer Do you have a girl in your life who makes you feel worthless? Is she a huge brat? An old, evil friend? Whoever she is, there is a few simple steps that can get you back on track with your life.

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How to Deal With a Spoiled Brat?

You've all heard of them. The nasty selfish children who always get their way. You either know one, have seen one or live with one. This article is going to tell you how to deal with this sort of c... Read More »

How do you deal with a child labelled as delayed but it seems more like brat behavior?

Yes, of course but it depends on what your special need is The answer above me is wrong. Generally children with special needs are not able to work at a real job. They usually work at an entry leve... Read More »

What is an navy brat?

A "Navy brat" is someone who grew up while their parent or guardian was in the Navy. "Navy brats" tend to be very comfortable in a military environment and have a good amount of friends they've met... Read More »

How to Keep Your Child from Becoming a Brat?

Children a marvelous part of society, but society includes people or all ages and children should be taught how to fit into society.