How to Deal With a Ball out of Court in Netball?

Answer Knowing when to call a ball out of court in netball is a crucial umpiring skill. Players should also be thoroughly aware of what constitutes a ball out of court.

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How to Play a Held Ball in Netball?

A held ball in netball is a ball that needs to be played within a set amount of time or the ball is forfeited to the other team.

How big is a bocce ball court?

Bocce ball courts don't have a set size, although the Collegium Cosmicum Ad Buxeas recommends that courts be no smaller than 60 feet by 10 feet and no larger than 95 feet by 15 feet. The court shou... Read More »

How to Make a Tether Ball Court?

Tether Ball is a marked yard game that originated in North America. Two opposing players attempt to hit a ball that is tethered to the top of a stationary metal pole while standing within a marked ... Read More »

What is the bocce ball court size?

The recommended bocce ball court size for a backyard game is 60 feet by 12 feet because most backyards cannot accommodate an official sized court. The official court size, for larger spaces and reg... Read More »