How to Deal With Your Lawyer?

Answer Ever have a lawyer who you thought was in your corner say to you that they would handle the matter, but after getting your retainer they're barely accessible?Ever have attorneys (separate and unkno... Read More »

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What Are the Major Issues With Which an Elder Lawyer Must Deal?

According to the National Academy for Elder Law Attorneys, one in every eight people worldwide--over one billion people--will be age 65 or older by the year 2030. Over the last few decades, the Uni... Read More »

What to do if your in a serious relationship with a girl who is pregnant and you know it is not your baby how do you deal with that because it can be so confusing when love is involved?

i think this is probably the same person who i just answered a question for, but ill try my best. being forgiving is the most important thing. One thing that might help you, just close your eyes. T... Read More »

Tips on How to Work With an Immigration Lawyer to Best Protect Your Noncitizen Client?

The U.S. immigration process is complex, often confusing, and involves a lot of waiting as documents are processed and waiting periods pass. If you are supporting a noncitizen who is working with a... Read More »

If your driving in your car and some idiot is practically riding your bumper, how should you deal with this?

Slow down and make more of a gap between yourself and the car in front.This way if anything happens in front and you have to emergency brake then you have more time to do so and reduce the likelyho... Read More »