How to Deal With Your Friends Telling That You Like a Girl You Really Like?

Answer Did you best friend tell who you liked? Chances are they were mad at you or just kidding but it happens to be who you liked.

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How to Deal With Parents That Don't Like Your Subculture?

So,your mom screamed at you because of your style or subculture? Are you getting the classic 'I'm taking you shopping NOW' speech? If so, this article can help get you out of the mess.

Do guys actually like ditzy girls like that girl on victorious With the red hair ariana grande?

Some guys do, but most guys find that extremely annoying. Guys like smart girls. So, don't be something your not because guys hate that.

How to Know when a Boy Really Likes You in That Way Like More Than Friends?

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I need help! how can i deal with crank/prank calls!! they sound like sum of my friends! but.......!! ='(?

Best Answer: Turn off your ringtone. Easiest Answer: Laugh with them, don't let them know it's annoying. Ask private questions, like, "Do you ever wonder what it's like NOT to be an idiot?" Keep... Read More »