How to Deal With Your Child's Separation Anxiety?

Answer Separation anxiety from a parent is a stressful time for any child - just as much for parents, who may be experiencing the same for their child. This is healthy for young children and is something ... Read More »

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How to Help a Dog with Separation Anxiety?

We all love our dogs and miss them when we're out of the house. But even more, our dogs miss us. Sometimes they can miss us too much. When a dog results to destructive behavior or incessant barking... Read More »

How to End Dog Separation Anxiety With Desensitization?

Dog separation anxiety is one of the most common hurdles dog owners deal with. Dogs develop separation anxiety for many different reasons. Lack of exercise, a traumatic event or change in schedule ... Read More »

Toys for Dogs With Separation Anxiety?

Dogs do not like being apart from their humans. In the wild, dogs live in packs, never separating, in order to survive. It is contrary to a dog's nature to be alone, but you can quell a dog's anxie... Read More »

Behavior Management for Dogs with Separation Anxiety?

Most dog owners would tell you that their dog is like a member of their family. Although they walk on all fours and can't speak, dogs have many emotions that are similar to a human's. Just like peo... Read More »