How to Deal With White Hairs As a Teenager?

Answer A white (or colourless) hair. There is no melanin, which causes white hair to grow.Have you found a couple of white hairs as a teenager and are worried about aging? This article is here to help you!

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I have white hairs...but I'm a teenager?

Ewwwww your so old!!! Nah jk Merisa i think your body is rotting at a faster rate then development

How to Get Rid of White Hairs?

White hair can occur not only on old people, but also young people in their teens! Sometimes, white hairs are caused by genes from your family history, or even some kind of illness. If you don't th... Read More »

How to Deal With Your Teenager?

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How to Deal With Your Teenager (for Parents)?

As your kids go into their teen years, it's obvious that things are going to change. Here are some practical steps for parents on how to deal with your teen.