How to Deal With White Coat Hypertension?

Answer Does your heart start pounding when you see the doctor walk into the room? White Coat hypertension is common in teens and adults. Even though you may know whats going to happen whether it be a simp... Read More »

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How to Buy a White Lab Coat?

Doctors, scientist, and butchers traditionally wear white lab coats. These are long white lab coats that are worn in order to protect street clothes. There are two reasons that the lab coats are wh... Read More »

How much can white-coat syndrome raise your blood pressure?

White-coat syndrome, in which patients experience temporary hypertension due to nervousness when visiting a doctor, can raise the blood pressure significantly. It varies from person to person, and ... Read More »

When an emergency room worker wearing a white coat says "I is a nurse", can I trust her medical expertise?

I agree this is probably a grammar issue, but I can see why you might be alarmed.

How to Deal With White Hairs As a Teenager?

A white (or colourless) hair. There is no melanin, which causes white hair to grow.Have you found a couple of white hairs as a teenager and are worried about aging? This article is here to help you!