How to Deal With Vegans Who Think Eating Meat Is Bad?

Answer Many omnivores at least once in their lives come across a vegan or vegetarian who thinks that eating meat should be a serious crime. Follow these steps if you want to be able to deal with such a pe... Read More »

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How can we as vegetarians/vegans get meat eaters to stop eating meat?

"Will get cancer and die"Well, Christy, In my family, we have never had a vegetarian. They died at a normal age, no sign of cancer. My parents are still actually healthy really. So how many people ... Read More »

Why some meat eaters think eating vegetables,fruits are wrong even if they're eating both meat and vegetables?

I've never heard a meat eater say that it's wrong to eat vegetables. The old argument of "But don't plants feel pain too?" is merely the (lame) way in which they seek to justify the cruelty which ... Read More »

Vegans, I can stand the thought of not eating meat?

Is eating dried meat acceptable for vegans?

You can eat whatever u would like and still call yourself a vegan, wether or not u truly are one is an entirly different story, be true to u, if u like beef jerky, eat a **** ton of beef jerky, but... Read More »