How to Deal With Uncomfortable Contact Lenses?

Answer For many people, putting in contact lenses are a breeze! But for those of us who aren't, it could be necessary to take steps to correctly put in a contact and make sure they don't bother you throug... Read More »

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How to Deal With an Uncomfortable Situation?

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Most people are uncomfortable making eye contact with people with crossed eyes?

i honestly know how you feel. i was born with both of my eyes crossed inward. they were both corrected by a strabismus surgery, but the results were not permanent. now i have two lazy eyes, and ... Read More »

Can you run with contact lenses on?

The only time I ever have any problems with contacts is when I'm swimming/taking a shower.Running won't cause any problems

How to Travel With Contact Lenses?

Contact lenses are awesome. Period. But sometimes, they can be an extreme hassle, especially when travelling long distances. Read this article to understand how to successfully travel in contact le... Read More »