How to Deal With Trolls on Yahoo Answers?

Answer Don't feed the trolls!Being a user on Yahoo Answers, me and many others all deal with trolls. Sometimes trolling can be ok, but in certain sections, it can be taken seriously.

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How do you deal with online trolls?

That'll be me. (joking) I would put a slight case in argument a valid point "if you can't take the heat stay out of the kitchen"A euphemism but a valid one. I always used to speak to my friends and... Read More »

How much HDD space do you think that all the questions and answers stored on yahoo answers takes up?

Yahoo is huge and Yahoo answers get's a ton of traffic and by a ton I mean a TON. I own my own web company and I have forums/message boards that take up easily 8-10 gigs of space just for the MYSQ... Read More »

How does your answer get in the best of answers book on the yahoo answers homepage?

You have to have a lot of stars and private watch list requests.To get all that you have to ask a unique question.

Best answers on yahoo answers fixed by groups. Agree?

I think it's up to the person who ask the question should figure out the bad answers, then they should pick the best answer they like, I enjoy looking at the answers not taking them all seriously, ... Read More »