How to Deal With Torture?

Answer Whilst many of us are unaware of its continued existence in the twenty first century, the fact remains that torture is still a commonly used interrogating method in many countries. Therefore, tortu... Read More »

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Where you can find the tickle torture video from help im a teenage outlaw sheer torture?

How to Torture Dinosaurs?

Wanna be mean,here's a trick about torturing dinosaurs.

What are some types of torture techniques used by the CIA?

When has the CIA ever published their doings on a website? That would amount to admitting they conducted experiments on unsuspecting human subjects of the United States. I suspect the CIA would nev... Read More »

What is the best way to torture your twin sister?

I think tickling is the best way to torture your sister. I do it all the time to my sister and she just flails around helplessly.