How to Deal With Teenage Insomnia?

Answer Up to 30% of Teenagers have insomnia, but it mainly goes undiagnosed or it is just written off as normal teenage behaviour.[citation needed] It can be hard to live with at times but there are ways ... Read More »

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How Do I Deal With My Teenage Daughter?

It's no secret to parents of teens that the teen years can be ones of great turmoil, confusion and often outright rebellion. Problems between teens and their parents can create dysfunction for the ... Read More »

How do you deal with teenage pregnancy?

The best way to deal with teenage pregnancy is to have your baby. God has sent you the baby for a reason. You never know what can happen in the future. Take me for example. I got pregnant at 15. I ... Read More »

How to Deal With Teenage Acne?

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How to Deal With Teenage Relationships?

Does your teenaged child have a new boyfriend/girlfriend?As a parent/carer, you know you're right about your child's boyfriend/girlfriend. You've had the experience and you know things might go wro... Read More »