How to Deal With Tattoo Pain?

Answer Tattoos can be painful. That's a fact. However, everyone handles pain differently, and it is important to understand that before you decide to sit down in the chair.

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How to Deal With an Unwanted Tattoo?

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How well can you tolerate the pain of getting a tattoo?

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How to Minimize Pain From a Tattoo?

When asked whether getting a tattoo is painful or not, some people will say "no" and some "yes." What many people will agree on is that some hurt far more than others. For instance, tattooing direc... Read More »

Best way to prepare yourself for the pain of a tattoo?

Its not that painful. To me anyways, some can't handle pain but it feels like quick pinches or like someone is dragging the head of a pin or nail on top of your skin. It also depends where you ge... Read More »