How to Deal With Tardy Students?

Answer Teachers sometimes have to deal with students who are tardy to their class. While some students occasionally come to class late because they miss the bus, others are chronically tardy. Dealing with... Read More »

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How to Stop Children From Being Tardy?

Being fashionably late isn't acceptable at school. Some people are always on time for school or work. There are actually those who get to their destination earlier than they have to; and then there... Read More »

How to Write a Tardy Note?

Your child is practically guaranteed to miss at least a few days of school during his younger years. Whenever this occurs, the school requires a reason for your child missing time, even if the stud... Read More »

How to Deal With a Class of Students That You Do Not Like?

It is difficult dealing with any group you do not know or dislike, particularly when you know you'll be taking a bunch of classes with them every day for a whole year. However, dealing with people ... Read More »

How do i deal with noisy students in an online course?

Speak With the StudentPrivately contact the noisy student and politely request that he remain on topic during class discussions. Explain in a respectful manner that his chatter is distracting the o... Read More »