How to Deal With Someone Who Fancies You Who You Don't Fancy Back?

Answer so when a close friend makes it obvious he fancies you, then tells you, what do you say.. What do you do?

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How to Get Rid of Someone Who Fancies You That You Don't Fancy Back?

We've all experienced it. No matter who you are, you have fallen in love with that special someone. Yet, sometimes that special someone doesn't like you back, in fact, they may wish you were never ... Read More »

How come in Doctor Who Captain Jack fancies both boys and girls but then in Torchwood he only fancies some boys?

Whats the chances of having to deal with a selected mos if you go smp and contract with rotc after BCT and AIT 1 MOS is available for me to enroll Its 88M One i dont care for Any possible backfires?

Yes, there is my friend who lives in Hawaii talks about JROTC and ROTC all the time.

I'm 14 and I Have back pain, I dont know why?

Im 14 as well and I have back pain. It is probably because if the we sit and slouch in our desks and when in the computer. And don't crack your back, its bad for and you could make it even worse.... Read More »