How to Deal With Smokers when You Are a Non Smoker?

Answer Those of us from largely non-smoking states like California may have a difficult time when visiting other states or other countries where smoking is more prevalent. Should you hack until they put i... Read More »

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If smoking harms our body and reduces life of smoker. Then why do smokers smoke cigaretes, charas etc. Aren't?

That is because cigarettes give smokers a relaxing feeling. On cold days, they smoke often to keep them warm along with a shot of rum. For centuries, smoking has become a lifestyle.

Why do non smokers complain about there clothes smelling of tobacco I am a smoker and I put on clean clothes?

Tobacco smoke has a strong odor, and the tar and nicotine are very difficult to get- or keep- out of clothes. I once was given a bunch of hand-me-downs from a family where everyone was heavily into... Read More »

If you are a smoker, Would you go out with a non smoker?

Yes. I am a smoker and my husband is a non smoker.

Who cant wait for the NO SMOKING BAN!! Give us your views, smokers and non smokers!!?

I can't wait!! My Father died of Lung Cancer and DIDN'T SMOKE! It make me seethe when I think of the selfishness of smokers! They just don't care that they make you breathe in their smoke! I can't ... Read More »