How to Deal With School Enemies?

Answer Rare is the person who can honestly say they have no enemies at school. Whether it's a friendly rivalry in the classroom, or an all-out brawl in the playground, everyone will find themselves with a... Read More »

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How to Deal With Enemies?

Enemies and haters can be annoying and their comments and insults can upset you. Learn how to deal with it...

How to Stand Up to Your Enemies at School?

Hey, are you in Middle School? Do you have a lot of enemies? Do you want to get back at them? Don't fight; that can make everything even worse.

How to Avoid Making Enemies in High School?

High school is a vicious place, with all sorts of rumor-spreading and people who are just plain mean. Most people aren't usually jerks, however, and it's very easy to avoid making enemies and stay ... Read More »

How to Prank Your Friends/Enemies on a School Camp?

Want to learn how to prank either your best friends, enemies or even teachers at your school camp? Here are some tips to being one of the sneakiest people around...