How to Deal With Rude Hospital Staff?

Answer A lot of people know how things are when it comes to a rude hospital staff. The personel are usually overworked and tired. By the time they get around to servicing you, their nerves are shot and th... Read More »

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Why are people so rude to ticket office staff?

Sorry to hear you're having a hard time trying to serve the public.Personally I don't have an MP3 nor do I talk on my mobile while buying train tickets and I'm polite to the staff ('please', 'thank... Read More »

How do you commplain about rude and arrogant staff at commet?

Why are some hospital workers so rude?

These days, hospitals are run on a thread, and if you look around you will find many nurses unions considering strikes because they are spread too thin. Patient care is compromised, good people get... Read More »

Have you ever awakened in a hospital bed and had to be told by staff how you got there?

Yes, this happen to Redcorn many times... Wake up in jail cell same way many times too...