How to Deal With Roommates?

Answer Moving in with a new roommate? Not sure how to act? Never lived with anyone except your family before? Well, here you are!

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How to Tell Your Roommates to Clean up After Themselves?

Sometimes you come home, and there is crap everywhere. And, it's not your crap. It's their crap. Your roommate's. Usually, it's just there's just one person who is guilty of having a bad "slobbitud... Read More »

How to Find Roommates at UAB?

Moving to a new city to start your education is an exhilarating thought. The idea of living with strangers is a bit less exciting. The random grab to find a roommate is a daunting task. Finding som... Read More »

What to ask my potential roommates?

The list of questions I would ask:- What are your cleaning habits like? Do you clean up after yourself right away or let things sit until you feel like cleaning?- Are you interested in pooling mone... Read More »

How to Get Along With Roommates in Your Apartment?

Living with strangers, or even friends, can be challenging – especially if it’s your first time living away from home. While you can introduce a ‘family’ atmosphere to an apartment full of ... Read More »