How to Deal With Riot Control Agents?

Answer The effects of exposure to riot control agents generally last less than half an hour, but, as anyone who has ever been tear-gassed at a demonstration will tell you, it's a very long 30 minutes. The... Read More »

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How to Deal With a Control Freak?

Do you know someone who has to dictate and tell everyone how to do things all the time? How can you deal with them and not let them drive you crazy? Here are some steps that really work.

How to Deal With the Control Freak You Are Married To?

Is your spouse manipulative? Or abusive? Or maybe he just controls every single step that you take?? Whatever it is, you're fed up.

How can a man deal with a narcissistic woman who has total control over the children?

Answer I am personally in this circumstance myself. I found the above question as I was continuing my own research on the matter. Reviewing all of the research information that I have personally se... Read More »

Does anyone know if the local pest control companies deal with troll infestations?

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