How to Deal With People who Spit when They Talk?

Answer Do people sometimes spit in your face when you talk to them? If so, read this article.

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How to Deal With Spit up All over You?

Rather not have this on you?When you were burping your baby, a horrible sight appeared. Your baby puked all over you!

If you're drinking mescal, do you take the worm at the bottom, shake it, and yell "spit it out, spit it out"?

Good one, you get a star. Thanks for the chuckle.

Why people talk baby talk to the elderly?

Those who talk baby talk to the elderly are under the misconception that elderly equals stupid or dim witted. The truth though, is elderly people can be just as quick witted and have a sharp mind, ... Read More »

Do birds spit I keep finding spit on my Rosemary & the only one around are the birds that roost above it?

MASTER GARDENER TO THE RESCUENoone is spitting on your rosemary. well, no person, that is. what you see are spittlebug masses.MEADOW SPITTLEBUG.Philaenus spumariusgreenish bugs found within spittle... Read More »