How to Deal With People and Attract Them?

Answer It is very easy to deal with the people with out letting any quarrels in

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Can people see your message that you sent them on Facebook if you are not friends with them?

When you view your message that you sent him and there is a message in gray saying ''✓ seen xx:xx'' then he has seen your message, but hasn't replied back. If it doesn't say ''✓ seen xx:xx'', ... Read More »

Why Do White People Smell like Balony im always.Tempted to bite them and smear them with mayo?

So as to be easily differentiated from those who smell like wet dogs after they shower. Also as we evolved to hunt (to the point of extinction) all of our natural predators our brave warriors would... Read More »

I just saw a vile temptress with skin problems. Should she use bran muffins to deal with them?

the only solution, of course, is to whip them into shape with a bullwhip and stale bran muffins....they must be stale,as the fresh ones tend to just whimper, whine and fall apart under pressure....

Why do people have such a problem with random people adding them?

I understand where you're coming from, but I myself don't like to add someone randomly over the internet. It feels like a complete stranger came up to me and asked for my personal info. I mean I kn... Read More »