How to Deal With People Who Strongly Disagree With You?

Answer We live in a world of different customs, thoughts...even different languages! Not everyone is going to have the same opinion. However, there are ways to deal with this.

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Why do people feel so strongly about antivaxxers?

Because some people will believe any old crap the media feeds them. I was talking to my employer the other day and mentioned vaccines and autism, he totally did not believe the link and do you know... Read More »

Would like to know the reasons people disagree with toddlers crying it out?

For me, I just don't think I could. Although I can easily leave my 4 year old to have a tantrum (and a genuine tantrum will pass by quickly), I certainly wouldn't leave her to cry for a long period... Read More »

Is there a director who you think has never made a bad movie, that many people would disagree with?

I would say "Tim Burtons"....i think all his movies are wonderful...even "Mars Attack" and "Ed Wood"most of my friends disagree with me and think most of his movies are just weird 0.0BQ:Last DVD i ... Read More »

Agree or disagree: People with a college education are better parents?

I'm quite certain there are terrible parents with phds and great parents without a high school diploma. So I of course disagree that those with a college education are necessarily better parents. ... Read More »