How to Deal With Patients As a Pharmacy Technician?

Answer As we all know, working is stressful. Working in the healthcare field is even more stressful, because we are dealing with people's lives. When people are sick their well being are affected and they... Read More »

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How do doctors, other healthcare workers deal with noncompliant patients?

Hi there. Having non-compliant patients is very frustrating but the only thing your friend can take on board is the fact that if she is going to switch to a medical career - which is hard work, lo... Read More »

Pharmacy Technician Certification Law?

Increasingly, states are requiring pharmacy technicians to be certified before they can work. These states have pharmacy board requirements that must be met to be certified. Even if you live in a s... Read More »

Pharmacy Technician Laws?

Pharmacy technicians would do most of the work when it comes to preparing and selling prescriptions. This helps to reduce health care costs. While pharmacy technicians perform this routine work, ph... Read More »

How to Become a Pharmacy Technician?

The individual that retrieved your prescription or processed your insurance is a pharmacy technician. While the pharmacist is busy filling prescriptions, the pharmacy technician provides necessary ... Read More »