How to Deal With Not Being Able to See nor Contact Your Girlfriend?

Answer Long distance relationships are tough. When you can't contact your girlfriend at all, it can be heartbreaking. If you're looking to stay with someone whom you can't see or contact at all, read on. ... Read More »

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How to Deal With Your Dad's Girlfriend?

The ways to deal with your Dad's girlfriend varies depending on who she is. Your father's relationship with her may be smooth or rocky and that in itself can affect how you view her and how she vie... Read More »

How to Deal With Your Girlfriend Ignoring You?

Guys aren't the only ones that can ignore their partners. So, if you're a guy and she is ignoring you, then this may help.

How do you come to terms with your girlfriend being with someone linked to your extended family?

Your cousin's brother is also your cousin. His daughter is your niece. You are her aunt, if you are a woman, or her uncle, if you are a man.

How to Deal With Your Best Friend Changing Since He Got a Girlfriend?

Some of us have better luck with girls than others. And when your best friend has a girlfriend and you don't (especially if the girlfriend is hot), your friend is no doubt going to change for the w... Read More »