How to Deal With Neurotic Twitching?

Answer Neurotic twitching is a scary and difficult problem for afflicted individuals to understand. Often such behavior is a source of humor in the mainstream media but can be particularly devastating to ... Read More »

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If a Neurotic Gator with Dreads had a baby with Johnny Cash..?

Hmm. What do I know I'm just a s@hm who prefers peggy but I'm pretty sure I'd yell "Yo adrian" get your Mama Dukes ready because that Silly Cheshire Cat is pulling some Ninja Jen moves err, Em, Zom... Read More »

I ate 3000+ calories today (gross) out of my neurotic politeness (2 bbq's 1 day) the last 2 weeks 8 had no?

I know what you mean about eating out of politeness.You probably haven't done any lasting damage though, there's approximately 3500 calories in just 1 pound of body fat, so worst come to worst you'... Read More »

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